About Us

Hi, my name is Rebecca DeWitt.

I opened ESP Computing, Inc. in 1997. I found many small businesses had a need for System Administrators but did not require one full-time. I feel I found a niche that nobody else was fulfilling. I come into your office, help you evaluate what hardware and software you currently use, guide you in purchases or upgrades as needed, build a relationship with each individual, and help with all computer needs from server work to desktop support.

One-on-one service is what I am most proud of delivering. I build a relationship with each individual at your business and help with any computer needs that they may have. Sometimes it is setting them up on a new computer, making sure all their data and settings are transferred properly, so the new computer feels so much like the old one there is an immediate comfort level. Other times it is helping with printer issues, data conversion, computer lock ups… basically, anything they may need.

When new hardware or software is needed, I work for you! I do all the research and guide you to the best option for your specific budget and requirements. No unnecessary upgrades or purchases, only what your company needs or wants. No commissions here… just looking out for the best interests of my clients.

Find out how I can make your life easier and help your business run more smoothly.

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